problem with installation


I've got a little problem with Ubuntu 5.04. On my PC everything works fine, but if i want to boot the CD on my notebook the screen freezes after showing GRUB. What could that be? Please help me, i really want to install Ubuntu on my notebook as well. Thanks in advance.


am I the only one with that

am I the only one with that problem?

Screen freezes

Not really. I have tried ubuntu live CD and it loads, but the screen freezes, the mouse does not work. Anybody arround that can help?

Same here, though it's

Same here, though it's slightly different. I've successfully installed Linux on my Dell OptiPlex GX60. However, when it's done loading and reaches what looks like a commandline login screen...the monitor light next to the power button begins to blink green, on and off continuously. When I press the power button of my PC, the monitor light stops blinking and shows the login screen. What's up with that?