Problem with multiple locations on Laptop

Hi, I am new to the group and linux, have been playing around for a while but now am spending more time trying to get to grips with the system. I currently am trying to set up a server at home and run dhcp to enable me to plug my laptop in with no hassels. (Using ubuntu 5.10 on both machines) All is going well except that I am unable to set up different network locations on the laptop?  I use a fixed IP at work so need to re-enter all network settings every time I plug in at the office. Does anyone have any suggestions for me.


Hi, I have the same problem

Hi, I have the same problem with IBM X31 laptop and Ubuntu Breezy. There a nice looking program to set up your network interfaces that you can launch by clicking: System, Administration, network. This program opens a window where you are invited to define locations, write your network settings and so on. The problem is that it does NOT work... no on my computer, at least. After I define the settings and validate, it goes into what seems an endless loop, and nothing happens. I have to modify settings manually by editing the file "intefaces" in the directory /etc/network; and I find it really frustrating. Ubuntu is supposed to be easy to live with, right? Anyone has I an idea about how I can get this "configuration program" to work properly? Karol (located in France)