Problems creating a fat32 partition during installation of ubuntu 7.10

A couple of weeks ago I decided that I would finally take the plunge and try out a Linux distro. I finally settled with Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon, during the instalation (not knowing any better) formatted the entire disk completely removing windeows from my laptop.I've using ubuntu and really enjoy it except a couple of programs (like lightwave) only work on windows due to a security dongle. So I've tried reinstalling ubuntu this time ensuring that I create a fat32 partition as well as an ext3 for my root file system and swap with a /windows system however during the formatting part of the installation process I get an error saying that this couldn't be done.I'm extremely new at this kind of thing and have no idea what's wrong.

fat 32

the fastest and easiest way for newbies is to install windows first, then install gusty or whatever flavor you want and use the guided partition manager and it will install linux on a seperate partition and you will then be able to dual boot.

re: Problems creating a fat32 partition during installation

If I understand you correctly, you'd like to have both Windows XP and Ubuntu on your laptop. This can easily be done, but unfortunately you need to install Windows XP first (due to the way it needs access to the MBR or master boot record). After installing Windows, then install Ubuntu and it will allow you to partition your disk either of the free remaining space, or you can manually set up partitions. You only need to have a mount point '/' in ext3 format, and a swap partition. Let's say you allocate a total of 2 GB of hardrive space then, in Ubuntu, the mount point '/' ext3 will then be about 1880 MB and the swap 120 MB, although you can increase the size of swap space if you wish, depending on the amount of RAM you have. I hope that makes things clearer.