Problems getting Ubuntu to boot...

I recently installed Ubuntu using the Windows based interface, and when I tried rebooting, it didn't give any options to boot into Windows or Ubuntu. I'm currently running the pre-beta-release Windows 7 build 6801. Is it possible that this version of Windows isn't allowing the dual boot? Or may I have done something wrong? Please assist. I was convinced to try it and am eagerly waiting to use Ubuntu.


I have the same problem. Can't get it to boot from CD either although A KNOPPIX CD boots up.

windows 7

I wouldnt call it Windows 7 Beta. I'd call it Alpha. when they ship their retail products, thats like beta stuff hehe yeah stay away from Windows 7 for the time being.

I heared of this problem

I heared of this problem before, somehow the windows based installer doesn't install the GRUB menu the right way, you can better just use the live CD installer.

Which was installed first?

Hello -

Which OS was installed first & what method? If Windows was installed *after* Ubuntu, Windows over-wrote your GRUB boot-loader. If Windows is working okay, re-install Ubuntu, being careful not to overwrite the Windows portion of the HDD (partition).

Take a look into "Wubi" or "Portable Ubuntu." Note I've never used Windows 7, so I don't know if Wubi has an issue there (if that's the way you installed Ubuntu, based on how I read your post)