PS/2 Mouse not recognized after installation of Feisty Fawn - worked under XP Pro? Firmware flashed.

Hi,Disclaimer:  I'm totally new to Ubuntu.  Installed and played with Redhat 9 a few years ago.  Strong on PC hardware and Windows flavors.Had a working PC with WinXP Pro with PS/2 mouse working.  IBM Aptiva 2170-90.  (500MHz, 256M, 13G)Began install of Ubuntu 7.04? (Feisty Fawn) and noticed a BIOS firmware date note on 2000 cutoff so I aborted the installation.  Found a more recent BIOS and flashed the motherboard, then proceeded to install.Everything installed fine but the mouse doesn't work.  Tried another mouse, still nothing.  Reviewed the hardware list and the mouse "driver" is shown and configured as a PS/2 mouse.I did see a second mouse defined as a mac mouse.  Didn't see a way to "delete" defined hardware.Any idea's?Thanks in advance.