questions about downloading & using ubuntu

hi.  i'm not too knowledgeable when it comes to computers.  although i've been wondering about linux for a long while, i didn't download anything because i had so many questions.  i hope it's ok to put a short list of those questions in one post.  anyway, here goes:1.  how does linux differ from other os like windows?2.  do i need to delete windows to use linux?3.  how is linux (and ubuntu) better than other os?4.  is linux not for people who are computer illiterate?5.  what comes with "ubuntu"?  is it more a browser or an os?6.  what is there in terms of add-ons?  or downloading cd software?ok, i'll stop here.  i'm looking forward to learning more!

You should try Ubuntu

You should try Ubuntu Live-CD first, It's Ubuntu, but it runs from CD-R disc, and cause that, It'll be slower too and cause it's 700 MB cd, It can't have that many applications.. Live-CD

better try gnoppix

it is based on ubuntu but created for the duty of a live-cd :)

(you have to download the good one... not the current.iso from the primary http server... because that contains the hoary hedgehog release :) ).

  • And to be ontopic: there are dozens of Why Linux webpages on the web...
  • Try googling or snapping ( for What Linux or Why Linux etc.