re-partitioning an NTFS drive

So I have about ~30 gigs of free space on my NTFS XP partition and I was wondering if I could cut out a partition of that to install Ubuntu. Can i cut into this partition to create the Ubuntu partition without losing any data? If so is this utility included as part of the Ubuntu installation disc?sorry for the n00b questions.Stuart

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  <DL><DT></DT> <DD> it depends stuart.. have u installed XP completely in 30 gigs? if so then the answer is probably not!... but if you have installed only a couple of gigs for XP (as I have did) then the answer is YES!.. you can use the partitioning tool available in Ubuntu when you install it. Go to "Custom Partitioning" and select the partition that you want to install Ubuntu (remember to give some ~500 to 600 MB for swap) and go ahead. your XP will stay intact. </DD></DL>  <DL><DT></DT> <DD> if you really want to install Ubuntu without disturbing XP (incase u have installed 30gigs to XP) then use the install CD (since it acts a live CD as well). you will b able to run Ubuntu without installing. </DD></DL>  <DL><DT></DT> <DD> hope this helps. </DD></DL> <DL><DT></DT> <DD> cheers! </DD></DL> <DL><DT></DT> <DD> ps.: if you are going to reformat everything i wud suggest use FAT32 format for windows other wise u will not be able to write into windows from linux. </DD></DL>

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hey sorry about that .. i guess the formatting is not working :-( !

partitioning NTFS

Hi Stuart, to partition a windows drive, you first need to run defrag in windows.If you have a broadband connection, download Gparted, about 30Mb.this is a live cd (like Ubuntu), but designed to just allow you to work with partitions in a GUI. Make a partition of 500Mb for swap, and about 10Gb for ubuntu. When you have finished, re-boot into windows, you will see some messages about checking things; after a while, all should be OK.Put in the Ubuntu disk and follow the bouncing ball.Good luckFredd