Root Password

When I first installed Server version of Ubuntu 7.10 I followed the suggested method and did not set a root password. I created one user and I assumed that user automatically would have the ability to install applications and run administrative tasks. I just logged in as that only user and could not run Gedit command. It tells me to tell my administrator to install it. I tried some commands I found on this site and nothing seem to work. I decided to assign root password so I typed sudo passwd and it asked me to enter my current pw I did. Then I was prompted for a new password I entered a new password. I thought that would mean now I could login as user "root" and enter the new password. It did not work. I put my name and used the new password and I was able to login. Am I doing something wrong? Your help is appreciated. Also, I tried to install the GUI versions to make life easier but don’t seem to work. The command I used was sudo apt-get ubuntu-desktop  Thank you,

Re: Root Password

By default root is not allowed, but if you are looking to work as the 'root' user then the best way to accomplish this is on the command line using: 'sudo su' which will prompt you for the password. You should not need to set a separate root password unless you feel that there is a security risk, but you can add functionality to users to allow them to use the 'sudo' command. I hope that helps!

Using "sudo" temporarily

Using "sudo" temporarily gives you "root" abilities. Check out