Running Second Life On Ubuntu

Hello, I am planing on becoming a new ubuntu user in the near future. I am also planing on using second life on ubuntu. I am planing on buying a used hp notebook that has an ati mobile radeon graphics card installed. However on second life's website they state that minimmum system requirements recommend that you need a radeon 8600 or 9650 fo best performance. My question is, is their a way that you can run second life with a mobile radeon card or should I buy one with an 8600 or 9650 card. Thanks for your input.Ubutu_600

I run SL just fine in

I run SL just fine in Kubuntu on my laptop, which has an integrated Intel chipset.I can't have all the options on, it's true, but it works fine.So I guess the question is, what kind of performance do you want?  If you want the top of the line, with all the options installed, you had better get a new system with a fairly beefy card.  Otherwise, you should be fine.


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