Server GUI problem

Hi everyone!I'm a total beeginer with Linux..... :-(So, my problem is GUI for Ubuntu server. I successlully installed Ubuntu server 7.04, but untill now I use to work with GUI (I'm begginer...remember). I searched the Internet and found how to install GUI (GNOME). Installed it, but after server restart I've noticed this message "X: cannot stat /etc/X11/X (No such file or directory) aborting". After server started I tried to start GUI (/etc/init.d/gdm start), it failed of course..... :-(  I'd apperciate any help whith this, cose I do not know how to troubleshut and repair this problem! Thanks!

GUI problem

Hi, when I had that problem on my Deb box, I ran this command as root and it was like magic everything was well. "dpkg -reconfigure xserver-xorg", just one word of warnig, I'm not experienced as well so take caution.

Do you access your server

Do you access your server from the server's console a lot?  You don't have to have an xserver running in order to use GUI tools from a remote machineI connect to my server using the command "ssh -Y user@servername" and then when I start a GUI program it displays on my workstation.


Thanks for answer, I'll try is not important if I do something wrong couse that system is for learning purposes only! I’ll let you know about the results......... J