sound card not detected?

I'm completely new to linux but reasonably expereinced on windows.
I've just installed ubuntu on an old PC. Despite taking 5hrs to instal (!!!) the system works reasonably well and I'm impressed with the general working and feel.
The problem is no sound.
The card is AZTECH sound galaxy 16.
Trying to play any sound gives an error unable to open file or resource, or words to that effect.
I've looked at hardware manager and there is a pnp card listed as "unknown", with several associated entries listed as AZ0001, AZ0002 etc... so I assume this is the card, but I assume there is no driver installed.

Any suggestions??



Get alsaconf and run it as root

I have extracted the file for you out of the alsa-utils-tarball. Download alsaconf from here: Then become root withsu<passwd>sh alsaconfMaybe you need to do something likeapt-get install libasoundHave Fun :-)

sound on old PC

This is an old post but it may help someone else with the same problem.  I had a Dell GX1 that also had no sound because it was an older PC (kernel modules considered obsolete are not automatically included in the build). I used an older version of Knoppix (3.7) to determine the correct sound module.  The name of the sound card and module name flashed on the screen while booting (snd-cs4236 in my case).  I then loaded the module in Ubuntu (temporarily) with the command "sudo modprobe snd-cs4236" (this only works till you reboot).   After I made sure the sound module worked, I added the module to /etc/modules so the module is loaded every time the machine boots.  Hey presto, I have sound!