Start up problems

I have installed Ubuntu and generally find it very good. However, I have two problems that I need assistance with. Please keep all explanations at the “idiot” level – I'm very much a Linux newbie. 1) When I first installed Ubuntu it started up fine in the Human interface. However, now when I start up, I get the message:-     GRUB Loading Stage 1.5     GRUB loading, please wait     Press 'ESC' to enter the menu ... 2 pressing ESC gives me a list and after hitting ENTER the start up continues in the Human interface until it reaches 'Setting the system clock', at which point it goes into text only. This doesn't stop me using Ubuntu but it does irritate me. 2)I have downloaded KDE and installed it. However, I seem to have made it the default GUI and I want to make Gnome the default. How do I do that? Many thanks for any help offered

The grub stuff sounds pretty

The grub stuff sounds pretty normal.  I believe if you didn't press ESC and just left it for a few seconds it will load whatever is set to the default operating system, which should be your K/Ubuntu install.With regards to your default desktop, when you get to the login screen for KDE, find the option called 'Sessions' somewhere on the login screen and change the default session to Gnome.  From that point on it should load up Gnome by default.The part about dropping to text output when it gets to setting system clock is something I am not sure about.  It's not harmful in itself, but I wonder why its occuring.

Startup dropping to text

I think Ubuntu drops to text because it has found an error. It then continues this way to make the user aware of the problem. If the clock is causing the problem it is most likely down to now being able to set the time from the time server. The most likely cause would be lack of internet connection at this point in the startup.2 solutions: Have an internet connection or disable the time server which can be found by adjusting the clock settings (right click the clock),This is a bit of a guess, if I'm wrong I am sure someone will jump in.Dan