Hi, just a couple of questions/pointers:

1. What does this site cover that the Ubuntu Wiki and Ubuntu documents such as the Ubuntu FAQ Guide don't? You should talk to the Ubuntu Doc team and work with them instead of this site.

2. Did you know that your logo (the one with the X) is against Ubuntu Trademark Policy? Not only shouldn't you be using it as your site logo, but you shouldn't mess with it like you have.

3. Ubuntu Lite is not an official Ubuntu project, in fact there are already moves to address low resource PCs being made in the distribution itself.

Whist I appreciate the effort you have gone to on this site, I think to stop you having to reinvent the wheel and so that your documents receive the attention they need, you should be working on the wiki instead of going off on your own. There is nothing stopping you (and many others) from creating sites like this, but with the wiki and the work of the Ubuntu Docteam most of this will become redundant fairly quickly.


Robert Stoffers
Ubuntu Documentation Team

thanks for your feedback

thanks for your feedback.

1. everybody can start his own Ubuntu blog, a news aggregator, where all kind of Ubuntu blogs can be read (will soon be extended with new Ubuntu blogs), polls about Ubuntu (unbiased, because we are no official site), and even more to come.

2. I didn't know that, and i will replace it soon (I already mailed to a few days ago to check this).

3. nobody ever said, that it was something official :) it's just based on Ubuntu, that's all.

this site is just 2 weeks old, we will create new content soon. at the moment there are just the most important things about Ubuntu in the forum. I understand what you mean, and we really don't want to reinvent the wheel, we just want to bring fresh information to the Ubuntu users.


Can we expect to see in the future Automatix getting an official nod  from the Ubuntu community.  I found the program a real time saver and almost a "must have" for new users.

Problem with the Reply

heyfirst i would like to say that this site ROCKS !... its an awesome site for beginners and I love it. except for one little thing. i m not sure whether this a localized problem or if everyone else faces it.. but from the looks of it, it seems its just me :-(!the rich text doesn't seem to work. i tried adding tags and everything but it simply doesnt work. if i write in two different paragraphs it combines it into one big para, as if i written it without the use of the rich text feature. please look into it and let me know. thanks!

I have the same problem with reply

  • First, put anything in the reply box.
  • Click preview comment.
  • Now click disable rich text.
  • Okay, now use the formatting tags to pretty up your reply.
  • Do not click preview comment again or you will lose all your tags.
  • Then click post comment.

I do wish ubuntux would either find a different engine or disable rich text by default.

Other observations:

  • There are almost always more than 100 guests and rarely more than 1 user. Five new users in the past 24 hours. Hey, if you're using Ubuntu it is easy as pie to take a screenshot. Use ksnapshot, log in, and post. Let me see your screens.
  • The site itself appears to be automated. The developer obviously looks in but as users, we are responsible for content.I like that.
  • I like the blog feature. When I run across the same problem I documented earlier, I know where to turn.(often laughing at how I've betrayed my own ignorance)
  • I wish the new content boxes were all in one column."Recent blog posts" is in the lower left and "Active forum topics" and "Recent comments" are split in the right column.
  • Add the time elapsed since posting feature to the other two content areas like it is used in the "recent comments" section.