t-mobile mobile broadband

I apologise if this has been covered before, but am brand new!I have just bought an Elonex webbook running on Ubuntu linux.  I have also bought a T-Mobile mobile broadband stick - a huawei e170.  When I plug in the stick and click the 'mobile broadband' icon, a mobile broadband box appears with a 'connect' button.  Next to that, it says 'unknown' 'scanning' and 'GPRS' with a signal strength indicator showing 2 bars.  If i click on the connect button another box appears, says connecting, but nothing happens.I know that I'm in a poor area for mobile broadband, but had the same problem when I took the webbook into town where the 3G signal is (supposed to be) good.Phone calls to Elonex & T-mobile have failed to solve the problem.Can anyone out there help, please?  I am a total novice where linux is concerned.  If I can't resolve this, I'll have to return the webbook & get a Windows based one but I'd prefer not to.Thanks!

the 3g connection

There's a very similar problem with my netbook and dongle under Linux Ubuntu 10.04 at the moment. It won't stay connected to the internet long enough to bring up the Google homepage. Then when I press 3 INTERNET (which is the same as pressing CONNECT) it ignores me completely until I switch the dongle to another USB port.

The answer may lie in the USB port reader software not being up to scratch rather than outrightly the internet being bad.

Either way, can some Ubuntu professor put us on the right track ?


Someone brought me a laptop (running Windows) and a 3g stick which wouldn't stay connected for more than 15 minutes. I put in a Crunchbang Linux 9 disk and it just ran perfectly.

Look at "E170 : how to setup Ubuntu 8.04 hardy (debian linux os) for E170 usb stick" - http://forum.huawei.com/jive4/thread.jspa?threadID=322982&tstart=0&order... particularly the very last post. Crunchbang 9 is an Ubuntu derivative and based on Ubuntu 9.04

DON'T START THE COMPUTER AND THEN PUT IN THE STICK.Try putting in the 3g stick WHEN THE MACHINE IS SWITCHED OFF and then turn the machine on. Follow the instructions