I just started using the terminal. When i $ sudo updatedb i get Password[]

i type and type and can not get any characters to move pass the cursor next to the d. in password. It will not let me go past the password by not taking anything i type in. Is there a solution to this?


Terminal use

Bill,  That's one of the things us gNu-Bees have to get used to.  When using the terminal, anytime you enter your password at the prompt, you do not see ANYTHING!  Terminal recognizes your input but does not print it to the screen. Just enter your password and press "enter" and the operation will start up. Hope this helps some.                   You've just got to! gottatrieit, that is!

i am a beginer for linux.

i am a beginer for linux. just change from windows, and i known nothing for ubuntu. could you tell me how to open terminal?

now, i known how to do it,

now, i known how to do it, from the help.

how to open terminal

aplications>>>accesories>>>terminal....when is open use the command you want..have thousends...just search googe UBUNTU TERMINAL COMMANDS...and its done.hope helps.(i am new too!)