Trying to install a network shared printer on Ubuntu 8.10

I have Ubuntu 8.10, and am trying to install a shared network Printer - Epson Stylus D88 - the printer is attached to a Windows XP machine. I have set this up both in the UBUNTU printer install , and direct in the CUPS install. In both cases I receive verification that the printer is installed and is accessible. However when I try to print I receive the error message "NT STATUS Access Denied. opening remote spool test page". Then I am asked for authentification by User and password, I input my UBUNTU details but they are not accepted. I have NO passwords etc for my Windows machine. ANY ideas please.

try samba

try samba

Wireless Print Server setup on 8.04

Well I am not sure if this will help but this is how I set up my Netgear WGPS606 Wireless Print Server using 8.04. I have a dual boot computer with Windows XP and Ubuntu. I also use the printer wirelessly for my laptops as well.

Using the Printing - New Printer wizard
- Under Select Connection I selected LPD/LPR Host or Printer.
- Under Host I entered the IP number for my printer.
- Under Queue I enter L2. I can plug in 2 USB printers to my print server and I have my printer plugged into port 2, thus the L2.
- I hit Apply and it set it up.

For the longest time I didn't think it was working because I was hitting Print Test with no luck. I finally decided to just try and print something and it worked. It didn't matter if I used the printer wizard or Cups, they both worked the same.