Ubuntu 5.10 and floppy disk drive

I have installed Ubuntu 5.10 on two reasonably new X86 PCs (AMD Athlon). I used Suse 9.3 but Ubuntu seems to be clearer and quicker. All is fine except that floppy disk drives do not work anymore on either of these machines. I get "connection failed"-message and "given UDI is not a mountable volume". If I try the longer GUI-way, via home -> media -> floppy, there is no error message nor is there anything else. It seems that Ubuntu cannot find the drive, nothing happens there. What should I do? There are many files only on my floppies which I find useful. Thanks for answering.

This is well known bug. You

This is well known bug.
You should update pmount to version 0.9.6-1
Add in synaptic or /etc/apt/sources.list this repository:

deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu dapper main restricted

Then just install pmount using synaptic or apt-get.
(After installing disable repository in sources.list (# before apt line))

Changes, but not progress

Second round: the new update of pmount was now installed. But still it's not possible to use floppy drive. It wakes up, but stops soon and I get this message: device /dev/fd0 is already handled by /etc/fstab, supplied label is ignored. Error: could not execute pmount.

Probably pretty late to be

Probably pretty late to be replying to this, but I do recall reading a thread somewhere about adding hal to the floppy group.  I have no idea of the effectiveness of this, its all gibberish to me, but its something that people have tried in the Ubuntu forums.