Ubuntu 5.10 for Server released

Ubuntu 5.10 has now been released in a Server version with a special kernel, which supports systems with more than one CPU, and without any desktop environment. Included software packages are Apache, Bind, MySQL, PostgreSQL, PHP, Samba, OpenLDAP and Zope.

The installation with 400 MB required space is very slim. It installs just the needed software packages, to have a easier to supervise system. To have better control, it also boots in text mode. Canonical points out, that the installation is also very secure. While installing there are no open ports and network services will only be started when explicitly installed.

As always Canonical offers security updates for the next 18 months for free.

Ubuntu 5.10 in the Server edition can be downloaded from now on for the x86-, PowerPC- and AMD64 platforms. Give it a try and please give us feedback about your experiences.