Ubuntu 6.06.1 boot up issue

Hi, I am completely new to Linux, and after doing some research, realized that ubuntu is a good choice.  So i downloaded and burned ubuntu 6.06.1 and try to install by rebooting.  On the Ubuntu selection screen i selected "Install Ubuntu" which is the first option, and then eventually ubuntu tells me this in a blue screen: "Failed to start the X server (your graphical interface).  It is likely that it is not set up correctly.  Would you like to view the X server output to diagnose the problem?"I know this is a video card issue, so how do resolve this?  Like i said, i am completely new to Linux, and do not know any commands or specific files, so please, if anyone can help, I will greatly appreciate it.  I really want to switch from Windows xp to linux, so please, all help is welcome, thankx.

Re: Ubuntu 6.06.1.boot up issue

It sounds like you may have a corrupted ISO (download). That's a large file to download, and if one or two packets gets dropped, your CD will not install properly. I've had that happen before. To verify this ith the case, when you get to the initial menu, click the option that verifies the integrity of the ISO. I can't recall what the menu item says. It will then take several minutes to scan the CD. If it's clean, it will return no errors. If it does return errors, download the live cd again. Alternatively, you can get the installer DVD for free; there is a link at ubuntu.com.By the way, you've made a good choice with Dapper (6.06). It's very stable and bug free. I switched from XP to Dapper last fall and I haven't looked back. There is a learning curve however, and I highly recommend buying the Official Ubuntu Book, Ubuntu Hacks and Ubuntu Linux for Non-Geeks. Those books, along with the ubuntuforums.org site, have helped me greatly.Good luck, Vaughn

Hmm, i downloaded iso file

Hmm, i downloaded iso file again, this time the dvd version iso.  I still get the same error message.  I read on some other forum about a guy who had the same exact issue as mine, but I did not understand where and how to execute some commands that were in the response.  For example, what is: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg?  A person on that forum said to type this up, but where am i suppose type this up?  Man, this is a bad first experience with Linux, and i really want to switch from xp to.  Agian, any help will greatly be appreciated, thnkx.

Terminal Command

So after you get this message, you wind up with a blinking cursor (like the DOS prompt), right? If so, try typing your command there. If that doesn't work, back at the cursor type:sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.confThen, edit the "Device" section and add the following line:Option "NoAccel" "true"And then type: startxAND IF THAT doesn't work.... choose the boot VGA option from the initial cd menu. You may also want to try the 7.04 beta as the driver support is much improved. If you wait two weeks, it'll be out of beta. If you're still striking out, go to ubuntuforums.org and post your question, mentioning the suggestions you've already tried. Those folks will have you going in notime. Good luck.Vaughn  


All my text got jammed together in the previous post. After you edit that device section, close the xorg.conf file. Once back at the command prompt type startx

What video card are you using?

One helpful thing would be the video card model you are using which can be determined by the command lspci. While conservative settings are usually chosen, some models don't support some modes. You may also find that asking on IRC will get you to a solution as someone may be available to assist you in a more real-time conversation.


Waylandbill, how does one go about asking via IRC?    

still no luck

Damn, the same blue screen error keeps popping up.  Well if this helps, here is my cpu and video card info:cpu:  amd64 athlon 3000+video card:  ati x800gtoAll i am trying to do is install ubuntu.  Is ubuntu this much of hassle when there is an issue with the video card?  This is just frustrating.  Anyone have anymore ideas?

problems with x server

The error may be with either the type of video card or monitor. When you come to the boot screen try adding the boot option "fb800x600" (Frame Buffer 800 x 600) or "fb1024x768" (Frame Buffer 1024 x 768). When I have had a problem with the video, this usually works for allowing the x-server to start in something like a failsafe mode. Then you may have to re-configure the video card or the monitor (as it may be incorrect or unrecognized). If you have really new hardware there may not be a Linux driver for it. People usually try it out Linux on their near extinct dinosaur hardware. If so, the kernel modules may not be compiled in the current kernel version, but if so, fear not, as it can usually be found and added to /etc/modules easily enough. If you do have older hardware, an older Knoppix live CD can be of great help in determining the correct kernel modules quickly and easily. let me know how it goes.