ubuntu 6.10

I have a intel dual core 2  with 2.3 Ghz  and 2ghz ram  and a radeon x1600pro graphic card  everything works perfect ! but (there's allways a "but" hum) when i scroll down the internet page or a document or move a window moves really slow  i 've checked all the settings and everything seems to be allright i dont know what to do  HELP! PLEASE!

ubuntu 6.10 black screen

Hi everyone, can anyone tell me an easy way to get ubuntu 6.10 to install, i've run the memory check utility and it passed, i've run the checksum and it passed, when i reboot with disk in drive, it starts up really slow and looks like it will install, it shows the desktop, taskbars etc, but then the screen goes black and theres no more activity from the hdd indicator or the dvdr access light. any help would much appreciated.my hard drive has windows xp on it already! my pc is about 6 years old :-(, no added graphics hardware etc...pretty basic, prob build a new 1 in jan :-)

Use ubuntu dapper

I think ubuntu 6.10 has a bug yet unfix :) so i recomend downgrade youre ubuntu into dapper its more faster.. Or report it at launchpad