Ubuntu 7 problem

Hi guys , as you can see i am very new in this forum and also very new in linux so i have some questions regarding the installation of Ubuntu 7. I insert the installation cd into the drive and boot from it in order to install ubuntu. When it loads the installation i get 20 -30 lines of errors most of them are the same but i will give them to you now :

  1.  Unable to read fragment cache block [26a10aa4]
  2.  Unable to read page, block 26a10aa4, size 4bc1
  3. sb_bread failed reading  block 0x9a855
  4. Buffer  I/O  error  on device  sr0 ,  logical block
  5. ...
  6.  ...

 and then i get this :

  • BusyBox v1.1.3(Debian 1:1.1.3-3ubuntu3) Bult-in shell (ash)
  • Enter 'help'  for list  of built in commands .
  • /bin/sh :can't access  tty; job control turned off
  • (initramfs) ''blinking cursor''

I have no idea what might be wrong so PLEASEEEE give me some help.Thanks in advance.

Verify your installation CD

Verify your installation CD is good.  Select "Check CD for defects" on the boot menu.

If that doesn't work

If that doesn't work replace the hard drive. That is a classic sign of corruption of files, that ocurrs only two ways, the source (instalation CD is damaged or dirty or the CD-ROM is damaged) or the destination (your hard drive is too old and damaged, broken, dropped, defective, bad formatting, etc). IF your CD is the problem try downloading it and burning it from a different computer from the first one you used to get UBUNTU, if not try replacing the cd rom if possible. Finally if nothing else replace the hard drive.

Ubuntu 7 problem

kerr64.proboards55.comHello there just this minute encountered the exact same problem but in this case i knew the hard drive was older so replaced it with a new one and the install went in fine

Same problem

I had the same problem:- I downloaded the iso image again.- Re-burned it and now it works.