ubuntu 8.04 live cd can't connect to internet

Hello everybody! I've just ran a live session of ubuntu and the Internet doesn't seem to be working. I connect through cable so I've set DHCP in the network menu and modified the /etc/resolv.conf with the default DNS and the routing table with the default gateway. And still nothing.. :(What to do?

A few things you can check

First thing that I would check is if your network card is properly detected. Look in the hardware drivers applet and check if your network card driver needs to be activated.

If you use DHCP, the DNS and routing information are usually provided to the computer by your router automatically, so maybe there is a problem connecting to the router.

The second thing I would try would be to right click on network manager in the system tray, disable networking and then enable it again. That way any changes you made should be applied.

Finally if it still doesn't work try to open a console and type "ifconfig". This should display the network parameters currently in use by the system. Check that everything looks OK (that you received an IP address, that you have a DNS server etc...).

Same issue plus some

I am having issues with pretty much everything working. My keyboard, mouse pad, internet, etc. I am running it from the live cd should I install or will the issues still be there and just get worse. Just for the record I can use a computer but am not super savey so be gentle please.