Ubuntu AMD64

I have a Dell XPS720 Core2 Quad computer. I downloaded the AMD64 version of Ubuntu and burned it to CD. I have a separate hard drive to dedicate to linux so I do not need to repartion a Windows installation. When I try to install the Ubuntu loader screen comes up with the various options. If I choose Run Ubuntu without any changes to the hard disk or Install Ubuntu, it only goes to the system prompt. I'm obviously new to Linux and Ubuntu. Does the AMD64 version strictly mean I have to have an AMD x64 processor or like in Windows is AMD64 generic for any 64bit processor? Should I be using the i386 version of Ubuntu even though I have an x64 computer?

I appreciate your help.


The AMD64 version is also

The AMD64 version is also usable on your 64bit intel, if not, you wouldn't even get in the boot screen.

The fact that he goes to the system prompt will have another source.

Are you able to login?

Hello -

Are you able to login under root or your username? If so, it sounds like the window manager (& X windows) didn't get setup correctly.

What happens if you login & then "startx" ?