Ubuntu cannot partition my hard drive during installation

Hi I was recommended Ubuntu by a friend so I downloaded and started installing it on my PC. Everything was fine till it got to the point where it wanted to partition my hard drive. I asked it to wipe out my current partitions and create new ones automatically... it gives up at about 20% with an error saying "could not read the file system"??? I have no idea whats going. can anyone help?I would appreciate any help on this.thanksNishant

Ubuntu cannot partition...

Hi, Nishant, after experiencing the same problem with several Linux-distrib's on my Pentium-III-laptop with 20G-HD I finally managed it by running fdisk from my Win98SE-installation-floppy, first deactivating the LBA-support (very important, 'cause trying without didn't help me!) and then deleting every partition. After that the Ubuntu-installation made no problems at all...Hope this could help you! Stephan