Hi every body it is great to see a big helper like UBUNTU is out there for the pc users in all the world. It is free and shipped right to the front door. I installed my free version and I got more than what I wished for networking is easy and it setup by it self and even connected me to my ISP and don't forget about the great load of free applications and updates. This OS is so smart that I am relaxing since I switched from windows to UBUNTU and no more system crashes nor viruses nor spyware. thanks to the commumity wich has done such a great production to improove our way of working and communicating together. for the folks that they want to install ubuntu on an older pc ( and they cannot boot from their CD ROM Drive) visit the link below there is a great boot disk wich alows you to do so. http://en.opensuse.org/Install_on_PC_that_can't_boot_from_CD have fun with UBUNTU Bahram Khodapanahandeh