ubuntu is the freedom for FREE

ubuntu's networking is made easy virtually every thing is Automated.or any time you can swich your network from DHCP to static IP depending to the types of network avilable at work place or home.Updates are great ther's a little icon at the pannel notifys of updates and list of avilable applications updates it self when the add remove option selected by user.Ubuntu platform is capable of emulating the other operating systems and switching the OS dosn't requier rebooting.hardware installation was a pice of cake no drivers required to be downloded or installed all are in ubuntu even cameras and scanners and printers and PCI and external devices all use ubuntu's drivers and function great.Get raid of your unregisterd windows and run ubuntu free of worries.hey after all is the first thing came to my door for free why support the capitalists dump their costly tools and get UBUNU. this is the end for Bill Gates. work, surf, entertain, syncronize with your mobile devices, communicate voip video text, only thing it can't do is cooking and cleaning.go ubuntu today!!!!:)  Bahram Khodapanahandeh