Ubuntu & Macromedia Shockwave

Hello! I need to install macromedia shockwave... Do you know something similar? I am an inexpert one! Sorry, but my english is very bad. Thanks Romina

macromedia shockwave

Flash for i386 To add Flash Player support for konqueror, mozilla, firefox, epiphany and other browsers, enable the multiverse repository and, in a terminal, type: for Ubuntu 5.04 (Hoary) sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree for Ubuntu 5.10 (Breezy) sudo apt-get install flashplayer-mozillaHope this is of use.

Shockwave isn't Flash

Yes that will cover playing Flash, but Shockwave is (IIRC) Windows only.

Again, in English please?

Apparently my English must be very bad as well ... I periodically return to TRY a Linux distribution but seldom stay for very long exactly because of such non-sensical command line strings as described for getting an otherwise simple browser plug-in loaded. Sheez.

Use Synaptic

You can also use synaptic package manager ( in System->Administration ) and do a dearch for "flash" then look for packages like flash-mozilla plugin. Again, you'll have to enable all repositories. (One of the menu items at the top of Synaptic is for repository management) enable Multiverse at least. HTH LeeNIX

Hi, i followed the

Hi, i followed the intructions you gave, but it is a Flash player(no shockwave), it doesen't play much things, and killed my Adobe Flash installation!Can i roll back this?

unfortunately there isn't

unfortunately there isn't shockwave player for linux nowbut we are trying to convince them to make it soonplease sign this petetion to prove our power