Ubuntu on my Laptop

I installed Ubuntu Linux on my laptop. Now it is 100% unuseable. I can run only Ubuntu and can not install any other programs. I can not remove Ubuntu or any portion from my Laptop. I had to buy another harddrive. I installed the new harddrive but Ubuntu distroyed my BIOs. I used a Win98 install disk to FDisk and reformat the new drive. I copied the win98 command programs onto the new harddrive. I can not boot off my harddrive anymore. I can boot off the floppy but never the harddrive. MY $2000 laptop is now junk.

Why is it 100% unusable? You

Why is it 100% unusable? You can run Ubuntu. What other programs do you want to install? You could/can remove Ubuntu or a Linux Partition from your Laptop. Why did you have to buy another harddrive? Ubuntu has nothing to do with the BIOS. Fdisk is not a program which formats, it is a program which affects the partitions. Why can you not boot off your harddrive? What exactly do you want? 1) Post your problem to: Ubuntuforums;Absolute Beginner Talk at http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?s=4fd96a48849e730f48aa39d421a5c...)  If you can watch short videos look at the last video on http://www.linux.com/articles/114157 . It's about Deleting Linux from a Dual Boot Computer. 3) Ubuntu tends to write Grub, which boots it, to the MBR. You can wipe that MBR of Ubuntu and only have Windows boot it you use Fdisk again and use the command Fdisk /MBR . (4) If you want to send your $2000 junk to me in the UK I would be grateful!)