Ubuntu or Kubuntu?

Hi! I heard so many positive things about Ubuntu, so that I want to try it out now. I'm just not sure whether to start with Gnome-based Ubuntu or KDE-based Kubuntu. Are there any other differences besides the desktop? I don't care how it looks, it should just work and most of all be simply to use. I have no linux experience so far, just Windows. What do you recommend for a newbie like me? Which distro is more matured?


KDE vs Gnome

Well this is an old controversy surely to raise some debate. :) The two desktops have different goals.  Gnome is about simplicity.  KDE is about configurability.  Gnome hides the configurations in the background, whereas KDE has everything out there available for the enthusiastic 'tweaker' to play with. That would be my rough summary.  There is more to it though.

Personally, I look at it

Personally, I look at it differently. I say go with Ubuntu first, as it goes for simplicity. That, coupled with the fact that there is more support for it, and there are more people using it, and finding all the bugs in it, makes it my choice. After it is installed, you can always use apt-get to grab kubuntu-desktop, and xubuntu-desktop to try out the other two flavors. Right now I use a combo of xubuntu, and ubuntu.

Go for the combo

Ubuntu Gnome is nice. It is straightforward, invites use, and has those lovely jungle sounds. Kubuntu is easily configurable and has the application advantage. Install both, then if you have an error in one you can log into the other.