Ubuntu ruined my laptop

Hi.I have a new laptop for 4 days, and i decided to try ubuntu live cd. I went into the BIOS, boot up from the cd, but then ubuntu asked me to choose drivers for the monitor and the graphic card, and i choose a generic monitor, and a nvidia 8 series driver for the graphics card (my graphics card is a 9600gt, not a 8 series but i thought it would be ok...). After choosing the drivers i clicked "test" and then some messages appeared and the computer made a restart, but after the reset the monitor is always turned off and the HD doesn´t have any activity, I suppose it´s not starting windows..By the way, the last thing the monitor showed was a total white image before the restart.Im really pissed, never thought this could happen.I really apreciate any help.The notebook model is a LG S510. Maybe there is a way to put everything back into factory settings...

A linux live cd works

A linux live cd works entirely from the cdrom. It does not affect your system at all. When it is taken out it is as though it has never  been in... Make sure that the disk is removed. Access your BIOS and make sure that the Hard Disk bootd first. Reboot.

You installed it...?

Ubuntu only asks to install nvidia drivers after an install.


Ok lets start at the beginning.

  1.  Did you install it and then tried to configure the graphics card or did you get some errors during the boot up of the live cd and then tried to configure the graphics card?
  2.  Are you sure the computer restarted so that it ain't just stuck with a black screen?
  3. Have you tried a cold boot? (Unplugging the power cord and removing the battery and leave the computer to be for a few seconds)
  4. Did you change anything else in the bios?
  5. If possible try to connect the computer to a network and see if it is reachable from another computer.
  6. Have you checked with LG's support for help?

Good luck and hope something of all this will give you a push in the right direction. Please come back with your outcome.