Ubuntu server or Debian server

I have got a server with RH9, apache2, samba, php and mysql 3.23... Actually it was installed as a work station 2 years ago. I would like to upgrade it. At first I thought that I could install a Debian Sarge as server. But after reading what's on the Ubuntu site, I saw that Ubuntu proposes a server version too. Debian is well know for its stability. I am now wondering what I can install: Ubuntu server or Debian server. Has anybody already tried the Ubuntu server?



I run Breezy server on my home backup server. Thats about as far into production as I trust it for now. Ubuntu is a great desktop distro, but for now I just don't trust the server install for anything critical. Mainly due to the fact that the apps and such are a bit *too* bleeding edge for a server. For example, PHP5 and MySQL 5 are both the defaults but many web apps have problems with these latest versions simply because they haven't caught up yet.

So, I say it depends on what you're using the server for. If you have to have rock solid stability and/or are in a production environment, then Sarge (with backports if needed) is by far the best choice. If its not so critical or you want to use/experiment with the latest apps, the go Ubuntu.

Hope this helps!