Ubuntu Ultimate 1.4 boot up very slow after install

GreetingsI've resently installed Ubuntu Ultimate 1.4 from the DVD iso file (http://ubuntusoftware.info/Ubuntu_Ultimate_1.4/).  The live DVD version worked perfectly.  I successfully installed it from the DVD and the first boot screen (with ubuntu logo and progression bar) loads just as fast as with the DVD.  Once past that, when the mouse shows up, it seems to take forever.  I let it run for over 10 minutes just to make it to the startup screen where you enter user and pass.  After entering user and pass it continues to run so slow that I finally gave up.  I've tried installing twice. My specs

  • HP X2100 workstation
  • Pentium 4 2.2 GHZ
  • 1.5GB Rambus RAM
  • 2 - 34GB Ultrawide 160 SCSI drives (no RAID setup)
    • C: drive - My main drive with Windows XP Pro installed
    • D: drive - partitioned (using Ubuntu installation) 26GB NTFS Primary, 8GB Linux EXT3 Primary, and 424MB Linux Swap Logical
  • NVidia Quadro4 900 XGL w/128MB (dual monitor setup)

I'm a multimedia developer and have used Mac and PC all my life.  I'm very interested in trying out Linux as I see there are many programing applications out there now for linux.Any help would be much appreciated.~~~Rob