Ubuntu won't install, freezes after certain point.

Alright, so I got another laptop today.Previously, I have installed my 6.06 version of Ubuntu on my new laptop. This laptop that I got today at an auction is a Dell Latitute with Windows Xp installed on it. I get the Ubuntu CD to boot properly but eventually, during the installation it goes to a black screen with a blinking white horizontal cursor. After it sits there a while, I see a mouse cusor pop up, then the screen turns a sort of reddish-brown color and I hear the start up sound. Eventually something pops up that is called the "Windows Manager" and thats when the mouse cursor stops moving.Eventually the screen turns completely black and I haven't got passed that.Any ideas?

Ubuntu won't install

I had the same problem... I think remember reading it had something to do with the fact that the HD is SATA, not IDE... The solution was:When you start your live CD, you get to the menu of the CD, which lets you change language, keyboard, etc... You have to pass this value to the kernel, before starting the installation (I don't remember the key you have to press to get to the kernel boot options, but I know it was easy to find):pci=nomsiAppend that to whatever options for the kernel mey already be there, hit enter, and enjoy ;)Hope that helps

Thanks for the response.I

Thanks for the response.I tried that and it says [4294667.296000] PCI" Unknown option 'nomsi'Then it does what it usually does. 

when the very first screen

when the very first screen pops up with the options to boot press f4 and change screen resolution from VGA to whatever your monitor is.

Ubuntu won't boot

The base install works like a charm. I just enter through the program, sacrifice my entire (hd0) 500G SATA drive to the "guided partitioning" process, remove the CD, hit enter - and - End of story. The thing won't boot no matter what I do. The machine just stopped dead right after the POST check. So here's what I did: I re-installed Debian, my previous installation, using the same harddrive, and told the installation program to tweak the MBR and /boot partition (why doesn't the ubuntu install livecd have nifty options like that? sure, the installer is easy to use - unless it doesn't work!). Then I re-installed ubuntu, again using (hd0). Now, at boot, at least I got the grub menu. But keying enter got me in the BusyBox. So I rebooted and got myself into a grub commandline, to try some stuff. I couldn't get it to boot no matter what "root (hd#,#); setup (hd#)" I entered. I did discover one thing though: Debian assigns a completely different range of drive numbers to my drives than ubuntu. My machine has 3 SATA drives, and 2 IDE drives on a plugged in PCI IDE card. It also has a combination card reader. It's starting to look like with ubuntu, the cardreader is numbered as the first 4 SCSI devices, while the SATA and IDE drives are given drive designations higher than those. I want to install ubuntu to the same disk Debian was first on: the first sata drive - but apparently my BIOS, Debian and Ubuntu *all* have different ideas as to which drive is which. I still don't know why the ubuntu installer can't figure out how to correctly configure my MBR and grub, but at least I know the direction to look in. If any of you knows anything about this; don't hesitate to lemme know: my system's been offline for 3 days now, and it's starting to hurt :| Thanks! G.