Ubuntu won't work... Help?

Alright.  I want to switch from Windows XP to Ubuntu.  I have the correct Ubuntu 7.1 disc for my 64-bit AMD processer, and I booted from cd-rom, everything started up, and it installed fine.  I rebooted from the hard drive, and ubuntu started, i logged in, everything was working.  Then, I tried to connect to my wireless network by clicking on the icon on the task bar, selecting my network, and entering in my WEP key.  It wouldn't connect.  I then tried entering the passphrase, still no dice.  Then my computer froze.  I rebooted, tried again, and it happened again.  After a few tries of attempting to connect to my network, my computer will just start up, i'll sign in, and then it will freeze.... Should I try installing the Netgear application I was using when i had windows?  or maybe Ubuntu 7.04 and upgrading to 7.1?  maybe just reinstalling Ubuntu 7.1?  Also, I've been told that w/ my processer, it's better to run XP or the new Mac OS... is this true, or will Ubuntu work just fine?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thnx. The Don

Had same problem, here's what fixe mine.

If the link below doesn't bring you to the direct page just search the site for: "blacklist ipw3945" and it should be the 1st link  Ubuntu 64bit is much better for your processor because it uses the full capability of 64bit. XP doesn't use the full capability of 64bit http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/Ubuntu_7.10/Issues/ipw3945_Wireless...

What type of Wireless are

What type of Wireless are you using?  If it is a intel 3945 as the other comment suggests.  Use the restricted driver manager to install the driver for it.

If you are locking up

If you are locking up without doing anything it could possible be your video drivers, but the correct driver can be installed by using the restricted drivers manager as well. When you install Ubuntu there is a 64bit version that you should probably install. You should be just fine with Ubuntu once you get past a minor bump or two.