Unable to Install a Network Printer

Had successfully install Intrepid and made a custom backup using Remastersys and burnt the iso to a dvd. Now I screwed up the original install. Shouldn't be a problem because I have a custom backup. Booting with the custom backup is successful - printer, scanner internet all work. After completing the install I find everything working except there is no network printer ( I can ping the printer). Doing System>Administration>Printing, printer configuration localhost window opens, however I'm presented with CUPS server Error 'http ConnectionEncrypt failed'. First I don't understand why all is well with a boot from the live CD, and secondly is there a way to fix this. BTW. I've done the install several times from the live DVD with the same result. I know I could reinstall from the original Alt CD and reconfigure the system. I would rather learn how to fix this fault. Suggestions greatly appreciated.

can you access cups

can you access cups locally?
from your browser try to access http://localhost:631


you can try to access your local cups from Printer configuration ("Server -> Connect") and try with enable/disable "Require ecryption"