Unusual Problem

Facts:Linux version 5.10, Compaq Evo 500 series, 2.4 Ghz processor and 1 gb ramARTISAN Instruments, Inc. Sound Engine, PCI sound cardI'm new to Linux so I'm not sure how to approach this problem.  The Artisan sound engine operates using the Linux OS - has to be version 5.10 - no higher.  The sound engine is designed to send all signals thru the PCI sound card - NOT the onboard version.  I have disabled the onboard sound contoller thru the BIOS, however, I still get sounds (computer beeps tones, etc) thru the onboard sound card and nothing thru the PCI sound card.  As I understand it - the ARTISAN sound engine will only function thru the pci sound card and for this to happen the onboard sound card MUST be disabled.  It seems like Linux is controlling all the IRQ's and has routed a path to the onboard sound card only.I'm used to Windows, therefore, am somewhat blind with regard to changing settings in Linux.Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.Thanks