Verrrry Slowwww system

A Question for the guru's out there - how fast is the Ubuntu Linux at installing itself, and then running applications ?

OK, I know it is dependent upon the hardware being used, but is it slow when used with an 'old' cpu ?

I am running Ubuntu v5p1(Breezy) on an IBM laptop - the cpu is a Pentium 2/233MHz - what sort of speed of operation should I expect ?

I mean, come on, over 3 hours for a default install (Yes, it loaded the whole CD, and all language packages, taking about 2.4GBytes of space on my hard drive). Over 4 minutes to start up and reach the login prompt when starting. About a minute to go from selecting Open Office / Write{mouse-click), to getting a page to write on ? Are these times excessive, or quite normal given my hardware constraints ?

Other hardware includes a Trident 9327 graphics card, with DVD option giving me 4 meg of ram(!) which I run at 1024 x 768/16 bit colour. Hard drive is 6 GByte. I am still fighting the soundcard (CS423x Crystal Sound, not found, even with lspci command). Network connection is via PCMCIA plug in card (I have not got one yet), and it has a 'wavemodem' for dial up ... whatever that is.

So, back to the nitty gritty - the system sounds like it is unzipping all files as it starts up (or runs an application), then running these files afterwards - lots of disk activity - which may be why it is so slow ... Again, is this normal ?

Any suggestions to put a bit of life in this setup would be appreciated.

Similarly, How do I 'lose' unwanted apps - like the many language packs I will never use ?

I think you can uninstall

I think you can uninstall unused language packs with Synaptics. Just select the ones you wish to uninstall and press apply.

Your Ubuntu seems to be really slow. Have you already tried Ubuntu Lite? That's an Ubuntu version especially for older PCs. You can get it at