Very basic linux/ubuntu tutorials?

Where can i find some down to earth linux tutorials, i recently repartitioned my hard drive so i can dual-boot, either linux, or windows xp, which i got working, but i cant get ubuntu to run on my nvidia fx 5200, i have to disable it, and use my old integrated, and i cant seem to figure out how the linux driver setup works, so i have no audio, i did some searches, and all i got from it was the file with an install file in it, if i run it it says i dont have access to a bunch of stuff, and then it doesnt work.... i just want a tutorial that will show me the basics in how to use linux, so maybe i can figure out what people are talking about when i google for information on a problem

About Linux is a good start for the beginner seeking overviews. Another option is to search for "basic desktop linux tutorial" or for the problem you described "linux tutorial audio". Try replacing "linux" with "Ubuntu" for distribution specific advice.Here's another

try this tutorials

try here for ubuntu and debian tutorials  hope it will help for you to get in to ubuntu world.

Ubuntu Geek Tutorials

This is very nice ubuntu tutorials tips,Howto's and articles check here

A site I like to reference

A site I like to reference is

I highly suggest the Ubuntu

I highly suggest the Ubuntu Tutorials blog. It has pretty regular new content with articles ranging from beginner to advanced. Definitely a must-have in the RSS reader!

Video tutorials, simple tasks

This is an easy step-by-step videos to learn the basic tasks in Ubuntu:

And there are more tutorials and articles about software freedom in the site as well!