Very New to Linux

I'd like to start by saying hello to everyone and thanks for any help I can get.  I'm new to the Linux world and I joined because Windows is getting too boring anymore.  I can't really use it for what I need and thus, I was directed to Ubuntu.  I'm on 7.04 Feisty Fawn and have been fidgeting with it for a few weeks.  I've attempted to install my own VPN on my own and with help.  Both times failed.  The second time almost succeeded.  I had a friend that knew a bit about Linux work with it.  He was remoted in via SSH and doing his own thing.  I couldn't watch, thus couldn't learn.  Something didn't work and I had no clue what it was.What I'm asking for is if there is anyone out there that can really sit down and help me with this VPN thing.  I've been at it for about two or three weeks now and have come up with zero success.  If there is anyone that can help me or direct me towards a very detailed tutorial, I'd be greatly appreciative.Thanks for your help!

Google is your friend

"Well, let's just say, 'if your VCR is still blinking 12:00, you don't want Linux".
-- Bruce Perens

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