This is my first attempt to use Linux so assume i know NOTHING. Installed Ubuntu and works fine but i am unable to change the screen res. from 640x480 to anything else. (No the drop menu has no other options other than the one mentioned.) Can anyone give me a heads up on my problem? I can't find a current driver and even if i could i have no idea how to install one on Ubuntu.

New Install

FreeBSD is my next option, thanks, but Ubuntu is history.

Screen resolution

  • At a command prompt type 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg'
  • Accept most of the defaults.
  • When you get to the video resolution screen, select your desired resolutions (arrow keys to navigate, space bar to select or unselect)
  • When you get to the monitor section, select medium and accept defaults.
  • When dpkg is done, reboot.

command line

Hey, I know I'm not the orig. poster, but i'm having the same problem and i tried the command line thing and i'm apparently doing something wrong.  i type the line in and get command not found error.Your help is greatly appreciated.

installation problem

I'm no expert on this but I do use the dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg command all the time to fix my video mistakes. I thought it was one of the core programs in Ubuntu. Maybe try to sudo apt-get install dpkg xserver-xorg

Another handy tool is to install links2. You can use it to browse internet without X. Sudo apt-get install links2

You might also consider reinstallation using a new Dapper 6.06LTS disk.

i'll give it a shot tonight

thanks, meta4r!  I appreciate it.

THANKS meta4r!!!

  • I got it.  i was typing it in wrong because my card was in 640x480.  I actually saw your post in another titled "Ubuntu installation problem" and caught it, tried it again and it worked.
  • One question though, I did it first in the Terminal in GUI mode (hope i'm using the correct terminology correctly), went through the steps, rebooted and then at startup it gave me a "job not found" or something like that.  and it forced me to a commandline prompt.  So, tried it again, went through the steps and rebooted again and everything worked.
  • Here's my question:  if that was where i was supposed to make the changes (before full bootup and GUI), how do i boot to commandline prompt instead of booting to GUI mode?
  • Once again, sorry if i mis-used terminology, I've been using ubuntu for 3 days.  I like it though.
  • ps, sorry for the bulleted post but for some reason, paragraph breaks are not coming through.

Ur a lifesaver

Thanks for posting this tip! I, too, was stuck in 640x480 after doing a new Kubuntu Dapper installation - the Display:Hardware panel didn't list my Sony CPD-E540 monitor and "Detect Monitor" wouldn't. With dpkg-reconfigure I was able to get it to use the resolution I wanted. It's disappointing that the system couldn't have done this automatically, inasmuch as simply accepting the defaults in dpkg-reconfigure was all that was necessary...