want to write programme in c/c++

i am very beginner in linux.Linux is very interesting.  I need to write programme in c/c++, but i can not find and editor software. where should i write my programme and how should i run this programme???please help me>>>Note : i already installed gcc-c++, but can not appear .


I think you an get everything from build-essentials.Try sudo apt-get install build-esentials, and check that the g++ package is included.If it is not install the packages g++. There are alot of great resources for gcc but all you really need to know is gcc -Wall -o my_executable_name  my_sourcefile1.cpp my_source_file2.cpp ... <br><br>Most of the standard text editors will color your syntax once you save a file as a *.cpp. If you like doing things from a gui, you have way too many options.  I personally use eclipse for c++, java and python. Just  install eclipse and eclipse-cdt. I recommend install java-6-sun and doing  sudo update-java-alternatives -s java-6-sun . If you are using KDE, then kDevelop is also quite good. Just Google  Ubuntu C++ IDE and have a browse.

I missed the Very

Go into synaptic. Search for g++. Install the one that caled just "g++"; this will allow synaptic to pick the rght one. Do the same for gcc. <br><br>You can use the commands I showed you to compile from the command line. Gedit is just find for a beginning programmer, but if you are used to IDEs, there is a multitude. You will have to read up a bit, b/c they usually require some configuration.<br><br>Google Ubuntu C++ IDE and have a look. Pick one.One of those pages should tell you how to install the IDE you have chosen from the commandline.If you do not know how to install things from the commandline search through synaptic and when you have time read through the opening section of the Unoffical Ubuntu guide(just google to find).<br><br>At some point install valgrind. Once installed do "man valgrind"  on the command line and read the help page.  You can set this up to run in your IDE. Again use  search for details. Hope this helps.

maybe Codeblocks?

I'am not a very experienced programmer, but i found Code::Blocks (www.codeblocks.org) to be an lightweight and easy IDE to use.You still need build-essentials though.  Type (sudo apt-get install build-essential) in a terminal.

i install g++. but i can not

i install g++. but i can not see it in application>programming>                  i can not see also in add and remove list.what should i do???What is IDE??? i need information

Command Line and/or IDE

g++ and gcc is commandline utilities and should be executed in a terminal. They will not appear in application>programming menu.IDE stands for Integrated Developer Enviroment and is basicly an editor with a hotkey that invokes g++/gcc and compiles your program for you. No use for a commandline.There should also be integrated debugger.IDE's will/should appear in Applications>Programming.I belive the most popular IDE for KDE is KDevelop.I myself use Code::Blocks, mainly because it can be used on windows but also because it is easy to use.There is a lot more IDE's out there, but i dont know much of them.Both IDE's mentioned here requires build-essential, witch include g++ and other useful commandline utilities.I hobe this made it a little easy'er for you.

editors, IDE etc.

hi, i agree with the last comment and i think you should make the difference between the programming languages and the editors. you obviously are looking for an editor, there are many of them.an editor is also different from an IDE (integrated development environment) which is a programm allowing you to compile and test and debug your programm directly (among other features).an editor just let you edit the source code.there are lots of available programming (and script) languages in linux (C, C++, java, python, ruby, perl etc.). all of them come with a command to execute (and in many cases to compile) a source code. you can compile a C source code programm in the command line typing $ gcc my_programm.c you can execute a java typing $ java myclass you can execute a python programm typing $ python my_script.pythere are many text editors :gedit is one of them (ubuntu)kate is another (kubuntu)jedit is anotheremacs and vi are others (but more complicated if you're new to linux or actually, if you're new to these programms, it doesn't depend on which sytem they're run !)i don't remember all the others, there are many, many of themthere are lots of IDEs as well (for instance, eclipse which is more dedicated to java but not only and specially designed for python, for instance : SPE, eric and others). just google IDE and you'll find this : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_integrated_development_enviro... many are good, make your choice ! personnally i use and would advise geany which is really fast to open (it's a GTK programm i think) and light but not a complete IDE (there's no debugger, stuff like that, but there's a class navigator which is really useful when you have a big project).

Actually ,you can use g++ in

Actually ,you can use g++ in terminal.and if you wanna a IDE .
I strongly recommend u guy with Kdevelop or Eclipse CDE.
if you are used to program with java ,and u will be more familiar with
eclipse cde

while you install eclipse CDE .just extract it ,and set the path,or you can change to the dir,and type the command ./eclipse