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Hi all, Could someone direct me in the right direction.   I'm not full bottle on computers, but i believe I can just keep my head above water most of the time. (Everything but programing)  What i'm tring to achieve is to run a web site from my computer.   I have been playing with windows XP PRO but seem to be having probs with Appache, Xoops and everything else. So Im looking at a different alterntive.   After a lot of seraching , it seems that Appache , Xoops, ect are a lot more Linux friendly. Am i Right here????If i am right in saying that ( I hope so) what version, type of linux should i be looking at? Any help on this would be very much appreacted.The system I'm trying to setup as the web server is a old Pent II. And if posible to have at least 50 SLL conections.  Not sure if that would help?Cheers Adam

welcome to linux worl

yes you are exactly correct apache,xoops are more friendly in linux environment and you can get more help also.If you are trying to install on destop environment i would suggest ubuntu linux and if you want to install on server enviroment definitely debian linux is good oneResouces  Ubuntu  For basic and help check these links  http://www.ubuntu.org   http://www.ubuntuforum.org  Debian  For basic help and good resources  http://www.debian.org  http://www.debianhelp.co.uk  - very good articles,tutorials about debian linux and most will work for ubutu linux also   http://www.debianhelp.org  - debian forum hope this help