What About Photoshop?

    I am considering installing Ubuntu, but being a graphic designer, was wondering about being able to run programs such as Photoshop, Quark, Indesign and/or Coreldraw. How do these programs operate on this OS, or do they operate at all with Ubuntu? If someone is running these programs, please let me know if you are having probs or if they run the same as windows.

You could try running them

You could try running them under wine, but I don't know if all of them are supported.  You could also try using GIMP.  It's an open source equivalent of Photoshop.

Excellent Open-Source

Excellent Open-Source alternatives:

  • Gimp for Pixel Grafics (Photoshop)
  • Cinepaint or Krita if you need HDR
  • Inkscape for Vector Grafics (Coreldraw) - can even edit PDFs
  • Scribus for DTP (Indesign,Quark)

all easily installable in Ubuntu or installed by default in Ubuntustudiothe're all excellent once you get used to them

Thanks guys. Sounds to me

Thanks guys. Sounds to me like those programs are not supported by ubuntu. I may just partition my drive and install linux and try those programs just to see what they can do.

u can also try blender its

u can also try blender its the most popular one . by it you can create graphics much powerfull then corell.......  entire animated movie has been  created by it.,i havent  tried it but heared a lot about it......just visit its home page to learn more... at www.blender.org

Unfortunately this is the one

Unfortunately this is the one of the biggest linux/ubuntu disadvantaged. No photoshop :(