Where is the Internet Connection Checklist?

I like others, am having problems connecting to the internet (Kubuntu Feisty).I have spend a long time in the forums and online help sites. But they always send me around in cirlces. Is there a checklist that shows what steps must be working and how I can tell that that step is correctly configured? For example, many places tell me how to set up a wireless connection. But none of them mention a method to tell wether I have been successful or not.In my case, I get an automatically allocated IP address, yet still cant connect to the internet. Is my wireless connection the cause or not? I am using the KDE Networking Manager. Here is my checklist:

  1. Hardware: Wireless USB Fritz Stick: Works in Windows XP
  2. Driver: No errors reported. Seems OK
  3. Wireless Configuration: Seems OK and enabled. IP address allocated
  4. Default gateway: Router address added here
  5. WEP security: Disabled to exclude it from cause of problems
  6. Router/modem: Fritz Box: Internet working in Windows XP
  7. ISP Settings: Internet working in Windows XP
  8. Konqueror: Reports site not found on any internet address entered

Is there anything I have missed? Is there any source showing if my "seems OK" is really OK?So I actually need 2 things: A solution to my problem or a site that really makes it clear. And If there is not such site, I would like to contribute a checklist if I am successful.

internet connection

I have had the same problem many times.  Usually set the DNS manually using settings from Opendns.  They are is what I am running at the moment. If that doen't work, try setting all network numbers manually. cheers Fredd