which linux supports 915 mercury motherboard..help

hey hiiii,,,,i wanna know that which linux supports 915 mercury motherboard ( Pl915GLM )since i got 80 GB PATA + 80 GB SATA , Mercury 915 mother board , 256 MB ram , P-IV intel processorOnly Red Hat Lnux 9 is installed , but i don't want it...since it is now older ,no better graphics and multimedia and other applications too.(i really dont want it)i tried fedora core 4 , Knoppix ,UBUNTU , KUBUNTU but it failed to installed on system config.help i want to work on linux platform , which linux i should use ?With UBUNTU and KUBUNTU even live is not opening , where it should show the desktop it si showing VERTICAL lines of different colors.please help me sooni am fed up with trying different linux