Which Ubuntu version are you using?


new Kubuntu user

Actually,  I'm  coming from openSUSE.   I wanted to join the Ubuntu/Kubuntu  group for awhile.    I will receive my 6.10 DVD tomorrow and  do a fresh install on my notebook.         Eddie  from Puerto Rico

new user

Iḿ also a complete Ubuntu newbie. So far I prefer openSuSE.
10.0 was rather smooth to use. 10.1 i have problems to hear audio. and 10.2 doesn't accept my stock-trader.
Consequently Iḿ trying Ubuntu. And get stuck trying to install Java.



The easiest way to install Java would be by using this program called Automatix found here http://www.getautomatix.com Tells you how to install it with simple instructions Lots of "difficult" programs can be obtained from that one app.  \Good Luck