Windows XP user switched to Ubuntu

Hi fellows,

I've done it. Yesterday I fully switched to Ubuntu (the new public beta version 5.10 Colony 3)! I tried it several times with the bootable Live-CD and was so excited, that i decided to install it on my harddisk. First of all I made some new partitions, one for tmp (1GB), one for home (140GB) and one for the rest (20GB). By seperating /home on a extra partition I have some possibilities like encrypting my personal data without touching the operating system, and when upgrading or re-installing Ubuntu my personal data in home stays untouched as well. In the future I want to inform you in my blog about experiences made with Ubuntu, maybe problems, maybe even new exciting possibilities that I hadn't with Windows XP before. As a RSS feed is offered on this site, you can subscribe to this blog by clicking on the orange RSS logo (in most browsers on the right bottom corner). Then every new entry will be published in your internal RSS reader or bookmarks manager. But there are also external programs like RSS Bandit for Windows or Syndigator and Liferea for Gnome. KDE brings its own RSS reader aKregator.

best wishes, WinMark