won't install, not sure why

I just got a HP box with an intel celeron 2.8, 512 ram, and no OS. I downloaded the ubuntu CD, burned it as an image, and the computer read it and booted from it. it asked me the language and went to the options screen. it runs the memory test, but if I try "install" "check CD for defects" or "try ubuntu..." then the CD just spins for a second and stops. the screen is frozen on the initial ubuntu options menu and I don't know what I should try now. I know it's probably a really stupid fix, but I have no linux experience whatsoever and I'm trying to muddle my way through and learn the superbasics. any info would be appreciated!


Sounds like maybe a defect on the cd. Try your cd in another box if you have one and see if you can open the "try...without install". If not, maybe try burning another copy. If no luck with cd's, try flash drive.