Won't boot from CD

This is my first attempt at installing Ubuntu (or any Linus distro for that matter).  I dloaded both the "live" and the "install" iso files from Ubuntu.com.  I have reset my BIOS to boot from the DVD drive.  When I restart my computer nothing happens...the system proceeds directly to Windows (XP Pro BTW).  I ran md5sum on the "live" version and was given a long string of characters but no error messages of any sort.  Is there something that needs to be done to the iso file prior to burning it to CD?   Someday I hope to be a Linux newbie, right now I'm still a zygote dreaming of the day I can excise the cancer from my hard drive that is Microsoft Windows.

you need to burn the content of the image

Probably you just burned the ISO file on the CD. That won't work. You must burn the content of the ISO image to the CD, not the image itself. Otherwise the CD won't boot. Therefore (when using Windows) you should use a program like Nero Burning Rom, which has a function called "burn image".

I'd just reiterate what

I'd just reiterate what Friedrich has said.  When you burn to the CD, you don't burn as you would in creating a data cd, but you choose to 'burn image' which creates a bootable CD.  What software are you using to burn the ISO?


Want boot from CD


Or use an ISO Buster free from Smart Projects if Nero want do it, Like my copy its to old.

Just wasted a few hours.

Is one of those linux things that they don't tell you about until you've beaten your head against the wall for a few hours trying to figure out what is wrong?