Won't recognise Login Password

Hi I have just installed Ubuntu, and gone through the procedure of setting up the password in the set up.All looks fine.However when I come to loggin into my new Ubuntu Computer I can't get in because It won't recognises my username / password so will not let me into my Computer.There is nothing I ca do.I know the password I set. I allways use this password. HelllllppppppSo now I am locked out of my computer.It is totally useless.Is there any one who can help me.Thanks, bear in mind I am not a computer genieus.

I am also seeing this issue,

I am also seeing this issue, however I noticed that it is actually accepting the login details, its just dumping me back to the login screen afterwards.I noticed this because i purposefully entered an incorrect password and it recognised that straight away and gave me an error message.  When i type in my correct password, it is accepted and seems to proceed and then the screen goes black for a few seconds and then i am dumped back to the login screen.I suspect that it might be some sort of video driver issue, but I am not sure on how to progress as I know nothing of Linux and Ubuntu (this is my first foray into linux)It should also be noted that I used the Wubuntu installer and the PC it is unstalled on is an AMD 64.Your help would be greatly appreciated

having the same problem

I'm having the same problem. Ubuntu works fine with the live CD, but when i install it on my HD it tells me the that login/password are incorrect. I know for a fact that the password and login i entered are the ones that i set up ubuntu with. i've tried reinstalling many times, but it continues to give me this error. fresh partition everytime, and i checked the disk for issues as well. It is not the issue where the login starts then crashes, it just tells me that the login/password is incorrect.